honestly my computer is falling apart, other than the screen cracking, now the down arrow button won’t work so i can’t scroll down anymore and i was using the scroll bar on the side of the page but now it won’t let me use that and what the fuck even seriously

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The Black Keys - Gotta Get Away

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that’s what I always loved the most about you. {x}
                                                 - long distance relationship au

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alright, well that just happened

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Seamus, the photographer, being all concentrated and licking his lips (x)

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50% of my life is ryan haywood’s “nah” and the other 50% is ray narvaez jr’s “why”

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[18/09/2014 00:33:47] anal savior: Seamus ‘Basketball Shorts’ O’Doherty is a Creature and is known for his basketball shorts, basketball shorts, and basketball shorts.

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meg + the know

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Hey you're a Barbara. Cuz on xbox you sounded like Barbara

i forgot that people thought i sounded like barbara on xbox, whoops

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