my anaconda do

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goodnight tumblr, i have actual going outside plans tomorrow with people so i should get some sleep

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i just liked about 50 posts to reblog later and they’re all philip defranco

i am sorry 

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[x] The sign-off

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i literally had to look up lyrics to that song and now it's stuck in my head, so i guess that's karma

i love instant karma

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if u were my girlfriend id never let u go. i can take u places u aint ever been b4. baby take a chance or ull never ever know. i got money in my hands that id rlly like to blow. swag. swag. swag on u. chillin by the fire while we eatin fondue. i dont know about me but i know about u so hello to falsetto in 3 2. i'd like 2 b evrythng u want. hey girl let me talk 2 u. if u were my gf id never let u go. keep u on my arm girl. ud never be alone. i can be a gentleman. anything u want. if u were my gf

… why

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